Personal Loan in Singapore

Need a personal loan in Singapore? ST Credit Pte Ltd, a licensed moneylender based near SunTec City Tower One, we offers personal loan in Singapore that is a short term loan which ensure that you do not stay indebted for long.

If you need a personal loan in Singapore which gives you instant cash to splurge on that holiday or clear your outstanding expenses, our personal loan in Singapore is a loan that offer the most flexible repayment term. Our personal loan in Singapore allow you to take back maximum cash, without any upfront processing fees.

For a personal loan in Singapore which gives you maximum payout and easy repayments, apply online today or call at … for our customer relation officer’s assistance.

ST Credit Pte Ltd determine repayment terms of a personal loan in Singapore and personal loan for foreigners in Singapore by taking certain factors into account like the borrower’s income and credit standing, thus repayment terms of every personal loan will differ among borrowers.

Personal Loan Information:

Minimum duration for repaymentFrom 2 months (61 days onward)
Maximum duration for repaymentUp to 18 months
Minimum annual percentage rate (APR)12% per annual
Maximum Annual Percentage Rate (APR)Up to 36% Per Annual on reducing interest rate
Sample representation on the total cost of the loan: 
Total amount borrowed$1000
Duration of repayment12 Months
Interest Rate1% per month (S$1000 principal *1% monthly interest=S$10 interest)
Annual percentage rate of charge(APR)12% APR
Total interest for 1 Year (12 months)S$10 *12 months =S$120
Total cost payable per annual (12 months)S$1000 principle + S$120 interest = S$1120
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