Foreigner Loan

What is the Purpose of a Foreigner Loan?

Foreigner Loans are loans offered to foreigners working in Singapore. A foreigner Loan in Singapore is like a personal cash loan that will help you with your financial needs. It’s typical that banks will refuse to lend to a foreigner, depending on your salary and employment permit/pass type. So, for a foreigner, you might want to consider a licensed lending company as a viable alternative.

So what is a foreigner loan and is it the same as a work permit loan in Singapore? Yes, they are the same. They are also called personal loans for work permit holders.

As long as you are eligible for a foreigner loan, you can find the right scheme that will fit your needs and your budget.

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Can Foreigners Get Loans in Singapore?

A foreigner can get a loan in Singapore if he has the requirements for the application. Research eligible and legal companies that provide cash loan for foreigners in Singapore. Remember to transact with legal companies for your protection.

Foreigner Loan Singapore

Being a foreigner residing and employed in Singapore, you are so far away from your home, your family and friends. If you encounter financial assistance, you might not have anyone to turn to. Afterall, talking about money is always a sensitive topic to bring up. And that is where we come in to offer our assistance.

We have a financial assistance scheme that has easy repayment scheme to overcome any monetary obstacles. We dedicate ourselves to ensure that your stay in Singapore is as smooth and uneventful as possible through our Foreigner Loan. Whether it is the deposit for your new rental apartment or cash advance to tide over until your next payday, come to us for a friendly consultation.


The Company’s Lowest Percentage Rate Foreigner Loans

To qualify for the foreigner credit advance, you are expected to have:

  • Have a valid Passport
  • Valid employment permit
  • Most recent three-month Payslip
  • Employment letter from your company
  • Tenancy contract as evidence of residence
  • Mobile bill or Original PUB indicating your home address
  • Current bank statement for verification of your earnings

To avoid lengthening application process, it is strongly advisable to make sure that you bring along all the required documents when you come to our branch for consultation. With all the documents in place, your application will have a speedy approval within the same day.

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