One of the different loan types offered by ST Credit for its numerous customers is personal loans. A personal loan is a loan that is unsecured and issued to those who are in need of a short-term loan to meet up with some financial needs. The repayment duration of such loans usually vary, depending on some factors based on some monthly installments that are either flexible or fixed.

You can take this loan to attend to some personal needs such as to fund a wedding, purchase an air ticket, or offset some credit card bills without delay. However, you must meet some requirements set by the registry of moneylender and/or company policy to qualify for this loan. Some of these requirements are:

You must be within 18 and 65 years old.

You must be either a Singaporean, permanent resident or foreigner working in Singapore.

You must meet the minimum annual income of $18,000.

You must have the resources to make monthly repayment of the loan without defaulting in payment. Any failure to make a repayment at the right time or late repayment attracts a penalty that varies from one lending company to the other.  This requires that you access your condition critically and see if you can meet up with your monthly repayment without defaulting before putting it for a loan.

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Are You Experiencing Financial Challenges in Your Business?

Our business loan in Singapore will give you the boost you need to take on business challenges. We will be able to hand you the immediate cash you need with minimal hassle. And you can repay this cash loan over short/long term.

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Foreigner loan

ST Credit  can provide quick cash for a foreigner. Foreigner in Singapore also can get a foreigner loan to settle financial problems. Application loan from an online website is convenient and fast approval. The financial emergency issue usually is hard to handle especially is someone working or studying in a foreign country. Previously, foreigners are having hard to get loans in Singapore.

Nowadays when foreigner facing urgent financial they also deserve the benefit. We also provide foreigner timely financial solution. The process of application of foreigner loan is very simple and straightforward and not involving very demanded requirement. This is the best solution for the foreigner to break out from the financial dilemma to cover their expenses. There is a lot of money lender across Singapore. 1st Credit SG is one of the top licensed moneylenders offer a foreigner loan with the lowest interest rate.

Best Licensed money lender

ST Credit PTE LTD is abroad available to offer instant loans. Foreigners can apply for foreigner loan when happening to financial problem. Money lender attends as a practical and instant source of emergency financial that helps people to assist their financial liability. The process of application of foreigner loan is simple and fast. The borrower has to fill in the application form and submit together with the required documents. Therefore the eligibility of the individual foreign loan is according to the criteria set by the Ministry of Law and moneylender. There is some document require when applying the foreigner loan such as tenancy agreements, passports and working permit.

Conventional banks are not the only option for applying for extra funding. In fact, the application of a loan from banks is extremely tedious and difficult to have approval because their qualification is more restrictive. Money lenders assist a lot of people to handle their financial problem and avoid the financial crisis that happens in their lives. A money lender gives human another choices and probability that give them peace of the mind.

Simple Steps for Foreigners to get Loans from Money Lenders

If you need cash urgently, most of the licensed money lender in Singapore offering foreigner loan for non Singaporean. The foreigner loan is offered to the person who not a citizen or Singapore Permanent Residence status in Singapore. Applicant credit history is not the main concern for money lender. Most of the money lender available loan application by online or phone call. Afterwards money lender will contact you to provide some documents. Different money lender will request vary document but the common document is:

  • Passport
  • Valid work permit, S pass or EP pass
  • Employment letter and an appointment letter from your current company
  • A tenancy agreement, phone bills, or PUB bills proving your current address
  • Latest 6 month bank statement
  • Latest 3 month pay slip
  • Residence tenancy agreement

Aged valid to apply this foreigner loan is 21 -65 years old by Ministry of Law Singapore. Most of the money lender will approve the application within one day.

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